monsters hockey print

tonight is the last home game of the season for the lake erie monsters. at a game earlier in the season the spokeswoman or commentator (not sure what her title would be) had on a wide neck sweatshirt with an all black monsters logo print on it. i really liked it and looked in the team shop for it and online but it must have been an older style that they didn't carry anymore. so i decided to make my own. bella has a line of sweatshirts that are soft and a wider neck than normal - they're not wide enough to go fully eighties but i like them. i got alex and i these grey with black sleeve ones - they don't have them in youth but i get her a small and it works (she's practically swimming in it but whatever.) i found a logo online and made a screen for it and printed us our own apparel. i made john one on a long sleeve grey shirt. i will still support the team shop but i wanted this particular look and couldn't find it there so this time i crafted my own. go monsters, great season.
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