beaded harlequin cuff bracelet

i don't often bead anymore - either a cat is attacking the thread or for years a toddler made it difficult and then there's the time it takes along with all the other projects in process. well it's been years since there was a toddler trying to "help" but it's still hard to find the time. but here's a fun bracelet that i managed to complete. i started this project years ago when planning alex's carnival birthday party. my original plan was to make a little clutch purse - haha, obviously that didn't happen. i made my own peyote stitch graphing paper and created this harlequin pattern. i have a pair of harlequin tights that were somewhat of my inspiration. these are all the seed bead size delico beads. they're really nice to work with and all so even in size. i stitched this using a peyote stitch. well, the birthday party came and went and i only really finished about an inch of the intended purse. so i decided to turn it into a bracelet. i finished off the weaving of the beads and then added a crimp clasp eye on both ends and added a hook. and called it done. i recently started a new beading project of a tubular peyote stitch - hopefully to become a long flapper style or lariat necklace. i was aiming to get it done by a certain time but it is slow moving so i don't think i will finish in time for the event i had in mind, but i will continue and maybe in 5 years i'll have a finished necklace, hahaha.
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