adipose softies

doctor who is full of so many fantastic characters and monsters and wonderful things. one of my favorite episodes is "Partners in Crime" with the baby fat, adipose. this is also the episode where the doctor (david tennant, 10th) reunites back up donna noble (catherine tate - one of my fave companions.) and the adipose are so darn cute. yes they are baby fat that pops right out of the people taking the weight loss drug from adipose industries, "where the fat just walks away". haha. alex and i each wanted our own stuffed adipose dolls. so i found a basic pattern on pinterest and made a few changes. i forgot to add a seam allowance to the arms and legs so those could have been chunkier and easier to turn and stuff. alex didn't want them to have toes and fingers, which is just fine with me and i didn't give them a baby tooth. i used safety eyes and embroidery floss for the face and some leftover white felt that i had on hand. i thought about stuffing them with those plastic bean bag pellets, but i stuck with regular fluff stuffing. they're so cute. they are currently hanging out on our shelves with the 11th's screwdriver and the faux balloon dog, but i'm sure they will watch new episodes with us when season nine returns. *waving at fat.

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