Happy 10th Anniversary new Who!

yesterday was the 10th anniversary of the reboot of Doctor Who - the day when we met the 9th doctor (he's great) and rose tyler (also great.) alex and i each celebrated the anniversary in small ways. i think the 9th doctor is great, btw; people seem to skip over him for some reason, but he was fantastic! the first picture is a screenprint i made on sweatshirts for both alex and i (sorry i don't have a better picture of our sweatshirts.) we first splatter painted with some glow-in-the-dark fabric paint. then i screenprinted a fun quote from the 9th doctor to rose, "did i mention it also travels in time." alex wore her sweatshirt yesterday - i would have, but i already got a spot on mine so it isn't work worthy anymore. i did however wear my tardis arm warmers and my adipose shirt to abs class; "the fat just walks away." the other picture is my bitmap who bag. spoonflower has been testing out patterns: you pick a bag or a shirt pattern then a design and they send you fabric with the cut and sew shirt or bag with instructions ready to go. i was in the test group. i made a shirt (which i still have yet to take a picture) and this bag. i used the faux suede fabric and it was so easy to sew together and it's a great size. i wish i could have scaled the graphics down in size to work with the pattern better, but the whole cut and sew bag thing is still in development. oh, i also used my sonic screwdriver pen all day :)
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