rose pin

i crocheted a rose and turned it into a pin. this will be a piece for one of alex's cosplay outfits for next year's wizards world comicon. i have 3 outfits planned for alex and me: a different theme for each day of the con. one of the days will of course be doctor who. we will match as far as general theme, but we will be cosplaying from different doctors i think. for this upcoming halloween, alex had her choices narrowed down to 3 ideas (she has since chosen.) one of the ideas was rose tyler from the idiot's lantern. that is such a niche idea (and i love it) however there probably wouldn't be a single person at school or on her trick-or-treating route that would know who she was supposed to be. so instead that will be one of her cosplays. in the episode rose tyler is wearing a pink dress with a jacket. on the jacket is a little pink flower pin. so here is that little detail of the outfit. i found an easy crochet flower pattern on pinterest. it was literally two rows of crochet and then sew it in a spiral with the yarn tail. super easy (although i did follow the directions incorrectly the first go around, but that's typical for me, haha.) then i simply glued a pin to the back. it'll be perfect for the outfit. next i need to make a mask that looks like her face has been sucked off into a television set :)
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