sneak peak on halloween

i haven't posted anything in a while - i'm either working on gifts, longer term projects, or just outside enjoying the nice summer weather. so i thought i'd give a sneak peak into our halloween. can you guess what alex decided to dress up as? yes, she's going to be princess leia for halloween this year. i still have quite a bit of work to do on the costume - the gown and belt will be movie accurate (but child sized and one other detail that you won't even see but makes it easier to wear.) so here we have the hair. alex has short (well, currently short) blonde hair. she did not want to wear a wig whatsoever. so i crocheted her a hat. it will actually work perfectly since halloween here can be so cold and part of the costume struggle is always how to keep her warm enough. i like the part in the middle of the forehead, which was a little difficult to get right - i think i redid that a couple of times. and i just love the buns. i basically crocheted a tube then stitched that into a spiral. i did want the buns to be bigger so i then stuffed the buns and stitched a circle of felt to close them. i attached the buns right over the ear area which also creates some ear muffs to keep her another level of warm. she says the hat is really comfortable and she can't wait to dress up as leia. now if i can only finish the rest of the costume in time :)
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