refinishing the dollhouse: electrical

so, i finally finished the electrical rework on the dollhouse...and it actually works! it's quite simple really, but i wanted it to work off the switches that my parents put in when they built the dollhouse. they ran the same system when they built the house years ago, but all the copper taping was chewed up and old and didn't work anymore. it works off a tapewire system and most of the lights and such that you put into a dollhouse have a two prong outlet that you just push into the tape. so, all i really did was replace the wiring that connected to the switches (since those wires were really old and beat up too) and then ran the tapewire all throughout the house. the hardest part about that is everywhere that you want to connect a new piece of tape you had to hammer in these very tiny little brads that connected the current between the two overlapping pieces of tapewire. i learned quickly that i needed to make all those connections towards the front of the house because the were way too small and difficult to try to do in the back of the house (too hard to reach and hold the brads into place with a tweezer while hammering.) but yay, the whole house is wired and actually works. the switches even work, not upstairs and downstairs (i'm not that good), but they work as a basic on/off switch. next step: painting.
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