beach party invitations

alex's beach birthday is fast approaching and here are the invitations that i created. this year i made the invitation a double sided print which i think turned out really nice. her birthday parties thus far have been family only so i create a dvd as part of the invitation that is sort of a yearbook of alex. the dvd has a menu page with three sections to it. first is a picture slideshow of alex at age 4 set to music. i used a lot of shirley temple tunes this year that are really cute. the next section of the dvd is a funny quote segment where i take funny pictures of alex and pair them with actual quotes from this year - i think my favorites this year are "sarah's not my minion. she's my assistant to get me things." and "when i look at that glitter, it makes my brain fall into my eyes and then they start hurting." and the final segment on the dvd are video clips from this year. it's a nice yearbook to have on hand when she's older because otherwise i find that you take the videos or the photos and then they just sit on your computer. i printed out a label for the dvd, the invitations, a note attachment on the invite, a vellum sheet to cover the invitation and the mailing label. i added glitter to the invitations too this year - i'm a fan of sparkle. the note attached to the invitation is a comment on the dress attire for the party. alex sure likes people to get into character for her parties, and she loves to assign people costume ideas like a seahorse or a palm tree (they're not all reasonable suggestions, but she is creative.)
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