monday manicure

i tried a new technique this week with my nails and it turned out to be pretty easy and cute. first i printed out some red stripes on a laser printer (as far as i know this doesn't work with inkjet printers). i cut out a bunch of little squares that would be big enough for each nail (i made sure to cut out extras for mess ups.) on saturday, i painted the base coat, which i used this baby blue revlon sparkly color for my base (my white polish is so thick i need to thin it out still.) then sunday morning when my nails were obviously totally dry i added the stripes. doing this one nail at a time, you dip your nail into rubbing alcohol (i have a little shot glass size plastic cup that i was using) for about 10 seconds. then you press the piece of laser printed paper onto that wet nail and hold it (not moving it around) for about 30 seconds and then peel off the paper. if it leaves some paper beyond you supposedly can clean that right off with wet finger, but i never had to test that theory. repeat for all your nails. i don't know if it's because its my first time trying this method and i need more practice, but it created a distressed look on the stripes which is fun. i then added some blue glitter on the top halves of my nails and top coated them all with some clear glitter polish. very festive. i tried to clean up my nails with a q-tip and polish remover, but that didn't help at all. you can see the red stripes on my skin next to my nails, but after i showered this morning the nails were all clean with no red stripes left behind on my skin. i'll definitely try this rubbing alcohol method again.
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