sailor outfit

for alex's upcoming beach party i'm playing the role of sailor. originally i wanted to make a dress with big collar and all, but of course scaled it back because i invent too many things to do and run out of time. first i needed a hat. i found this sailor hat for $1, well it was plain and not flipped up when i bought it. i made the mistake of running it through the washing machine when i should have hand washed it because it practically fell apart. i wanted it flipped up though so i top stitched it with the lid up which also mended all the holes it got from being machine washed. then i added the blue and white striped fabric flower. next i was going to sew a sailor collar with bow that i could wear with a blue and white striped shirt but i could never decide on exactly how i wanted the collar to look. so i decided to make a big red bow and attach it to a necklace chain. the bow is made out of red vinyl and turned out super cute. i did find a blue and white striped shirt to wear with it all which basically will complete my outfit, i'll probably just wear jeans and some fun red shoes. alex really likes my bow necklace too and wants my birthday to be a sailor theme.
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